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    Wichita KS techs? (4 Posts)

  • JeffM JeffM @ 5:01 PM
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    Wichita KS techs?

    Does anyone here happen to know any good solar thermal contractors in the Wichita KS area? I've got a friend out there who is having trouble with his system and the last couple of people he had work on it haven't solved things. It does space heating (to forced air via a heat exchanger) and dumps excess heat to a pool, at least when it has worked. My guess is the issues are mainly with controls, but I'm no expert and have only seen the mechanical room briefly a couple of times.
  • hot rod hot rod @ 5:21 PM
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    try Larry He is a supplier in Kansas City and ships a lot of solar and hydronics to that area. He has a good database of top hydronic and solar contractors.

  • JeffM JeffM @ 9:12 PM
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    Thanks hot rod - I'll drop him a note. I'd have spent some time looking at the system, but I moved out of Wichita last fall before the issue cropped up. It's nice to have a network like the Wall to turn to.
  • jeffbuilds jeffbuilds @ 9:58 AM
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    Kansas Solar Experts...Couple of Leads

    Kansas is well represented in the world of solar thermal.

    There are the Simple Drainback people ( 

    Mid-American Water and Plumbing in Manhattan

    King Solar (Nick King) is located an hour from Wichita, and Nick is good!
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