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    bad txv? (1 Post)

  • zepfan zepfan @ 6:38 PM
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    bad txv?

    i got a call today for no ac on a ten ton, single compressor,r22,heat pump.the pressures were 104 suction,175 discharge,and 175 at the liquid line valve.the superheat was 23 degrees and the subcooling was 2 degrees.there was no temperature drop across the liquid line drier,and the indoor check valve on the air handler was definitly holding as there was a noticable temperature drop across the body of the check valve.the only thing that i can think that this is a stuck open indoor txv.i have ruled out a leaking reversing valve because the touch test proved the valve was not leaking and i have also ruled out the compressor's valves, because if you block the condenser the head pressure goes up.the txv is the only thing that i can think would be causing this no cooling condition.any suggestions would be much appriciated
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