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    Recessed radiators (3 Posts)

  • Reno7211 Reno7211 @ 9:35 AM
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    Recessed radiators

    I have a customer who wants to remove her free standing cast iron radiators and go to the recessed type.  This would require breaking into the wall and placing the radiator against the exterior wall.  I was thinking of using foam board with a metal sheeting for insulation.  Any thoughts on how well the new rads would work?
  • Zman Zman @ 8:28 PM
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    John Seigenthaler

    John Seigenthaler has done tons of math and experimenting with wall panels. His book Radiant Precision has all the info you need.
  • is this what

    you're talking about?  If so, you have to allow plenty of space below and above the radiator for proper convection.

    As far as insulation, the higher the R-value, the better.
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