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    aprilaire 1730A

    just purchased the aprilaire 1730a dehumidifier for my basement. its working beautifully as i type this. just wondering about the filter. they have a washable filter inside the unit, i was wondering if it would affect performance if i removed that and installed an aprilaire 2210 series filter in the ducting on the inlet side.
  • BillW BillW @ 3:13 PM
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    Dehumidifer filter

    The filter is there to keep dust bunnies and other big debris out of the coil.  The manufacturer should have washing instructions in the manual, but I check mine monthly.  If you let dust accumulate, you will eventually get nuisance shut-downs or excessive ice buildup.  I would stick with the manufacturer's recommended filter, and follow their maintenance instructions.  Make sure you pump or run the condensate into a sump or outdoors; if you don't, you're just recycling the water.
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