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    isceon m099 (12 Posts)

  • Paul Paul @ 7:59 PM
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    isceon m099

    what is up with this new r22 replacement. just found out about it last it ok to use on replacements?is it ok to replace r22 in exsisting systems as a replacement after evacuating?
  • Techman Techman @ 10:38 PM
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    R-438A or MO99

    It is a field replacement freon for r22 ,but it has about a 15% DECREASE in cooling capacity, a lower EER and w/ several "topping off " recharges there is a possibility of the r-438A becoming flamable. Also oil return MIGHT be a problem resulting in a comp failure.Other than that ,its supposed to be real good! Or so I have been told!
  • fixitguy fixitguy @ 4:02 PM
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    Mo99 sucks

    I used mo 99 once, and that was enough! Leaks appeared all over the place, and it destroyed the seals in 2 sets of gauges. Duponts literature on this product warns in a offhanded way that this can happen, so beware. R22 is still available and not that expensive YET.
  • Techman Techman @ 4:51 PM
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    the freon  or the oil ate the gasket/sealer? And what failed in the gauges?
  • fixitguy fixitguy @ 4:53 PM
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    The mo99 destroyed The stem packing around the handles.
  • John Mills John Mills @ 3:59 PM
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    Trane bulletin

    Saw one on a dry 22 unit. They said if you absolutely have to use an alternative, use this. But you could have oil return problems if your condenser is above your evap, like in multifamily. Then you have to add POE to the system to get it to return oil. Sounds like a pain!
  • matthewj matthewj @ 5:53 PM
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    isceon refrigerants

    We have used all of the isceon refrigerants although very little of the MO99 as R22 is very close in price.  We have many 502 refrigeration systems we have changed to MO79 and several old R12 systems that have been retrofitted MO49.  We have not seen a lot of problems with gaskets or orings.  Dupont says the reason it may be a problem is because refrigerant 22 causes the gaskets to swell and when it is removed from the system the gaskets tend to shrink and leak.  So far we have been very satisfied with the performance of those systems.
  • don don @ 6:18 AM
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    Close in price?

    Not in my area r22 is almost double of what the MO99 is.We have use it with no issue so far.We have some company in this area that drop it in right on top of r22 that is already in the system and they claim no issue.
    I think one should at least offer it to the customer.I am sure they much rather pay 30 dollars a pound for the new blend verse 50 dollars a pound and climbing for the freon.The only issue we are having so far is that our supplier can not keep enough in stock or they themselves are having a hard time getting their hands on it.
  • matthewj matthewj @ 9:34 PM
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    22 price

    We typically buy 22 in pallet quantities - right now the difference in price is very marginal for us.
  • John Mills John Mills @ 1:16 PM
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    Anybody use it? The COO of ICOR had it in the A/C I sold him. Marginally sized as it was and what little loss of capacity didn't hurt his cooling the house. I'm thinking capacity loss less than M099. Plus ICOR has great tech support. 
  • Empire Empire @ 9:42 PM
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    Hey Don...

    I am in the process of figuring out what I want to use for R-22 drop in replacement.  Quite frankly, I am so tired of all the possible replacements available!  It's like coffee.  This is good, or bad, but it's good, but it could be bad!!!!!?????  Just when I think I like a new Ref.  I read con's about it.  Did you see the latest service van?  It has 2 boxes in tow just for new refrigerants.....(lol)  I really don't think the EPA has a clue as to what is good or not good for the Planet....

    Mike T.
  • N/A @ 1:50 AM

    421a boys

    if u  are tired of getting screwed by dow,dupoint and the big boys call me I will send you some imfo on 421a a proven replacement for r-22 half the price. go to utube david broome r-22 conversion to 421a.
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