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    Tank size and shape..... (4 Posts)

  • kcopp kcopp @ 4:12 PM
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    Tank size and shape.....

    One thing I was wondering about is .....Since there are so many size and shape electric(and gas) water heaters other than if it will fit between or under something is there any consideration as to if a taller tank will give you more hot water? ex a 40 gallon tall, medium and short? Unusually the short is the most expensive....correct?
  • Larry Weingarten Larry Weingarten @ 12:43 AM
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    Anything that promotes...

    ... stratification in the tank and prevents mixing of hot and cold waters on draw is good.  Usually that means a tall tank with a dip tube delivering water slowly and calmly to the bottom of the tank.  A sixty foot tall heater, four inches in diameter would hold forty gallons, but I've yet to see one.  :~)  That unit would likely deliver nearly all of it's volume as undiluted hot water.... just ignore the standby losses!

    Yours,  Larry
  • kcopp kcopp @ 6:43 AM
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    that is helpful...kcopp
  • Bob Harper Bob Harper @ 8:49 AM
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    tall gas water heater hazard

    The most dangerous appliance in the home is a tall boy gas fired water heater. They have no vent rise off the draft hood and spill combustion gases including CO as if they were designed to do that (which they were). They should be banned in my humble opinion. I cannot remember the last one I found that was properly vented and that was venting suitably.
    When I have to replace a natural draft WH, I always opt for the 'shorty' types so I can get as much vent rise off the top before the offset to the common vent/ chimney. Efficiency is secondary to safety and performance to me. If that standard tank isn't doing it for you as far as sufficient DHW, then you need to consider an alternative such as an indirect tank off a boiler. I'm not a big fan of tankless as I find most homeowners complain they are insufficient to do the job and God forbid someone needs hot water such as dishwashing while someone else is in the shower. If you must, get a bigger tank but get the maximum insulation from the factory- never install those aftermarket WH blankets. They always come loose, drop down and block airflow into the burner, which overheats the unit and makes CO. They should be banned, too. Insulate your hot water pipes but maintain your 6" clearance to combustibles off the vent connector. I find those foam wrappings melted all the time at the draft hood from venting failure. While I'm on that subject, PEX, CPVC and Sharkbite fittings are not approved for use within that 6" clearance.
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