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    oil furnace keeps cycling after heated!! (5 Posts)

  • pjstruck01 pjstruck01 @ 11:15 PM
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    oil furnace keeps cycling after heated!!

    Just Re Plumbed And Wired Furnace In House And For Some Reason After Heat Is On And House Is Up To Temp. The Burner Box(where flame is ) Keeps Cycling On And Off Without Igniting Randomly!! When House Drops Temp And Thermostat Calls For Heat It Does Ignite Fine Without A Bang Or Any Problem..
    Installed A New Digital Thermostat. House Had A 2 wire Mercury Thermostat Originally But Wires Were Missing Off Furnace When We Started Working On It.. Any Ideas Or Help Will Be Appreciated... This Is My First House And Trying To Save As Much Money And Time As Possible..
  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 11:31 PM
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    Saving time or money, but not both

    Can you reinstall the old thermostat, and see if the problem goes away? Alternatively, you could make sure the new thermostat can be set up for hot water heating. It should have a setup menu, and it should be set for hot water. If there is no choice for that, and many do not, then back to the store for a new one, which can be configured for the proper use.
    When you save money, it takes more time, and when you save time, it costs more.--NBC
  • pjstruck01 pjstruck01 @ 12:38 AM
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    no thurmostat in house installed!

    i dont have the original thermostat and it wasnt hooked upto fernace when you got the house
  • Zman Zman @ 12:41 AM
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    It sounds like you may have changed a few things. You can tell if the t-stat is a problem by crossing and uncrossing the wires. Just take the t-stat out of the problem. I am guessing you got something backwards (or sideways) on the furnace.
    Pictures possible?
  • pjstruck01 pjstruck01 @ 10:04 AM
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    after so trials i have figured out that 2 other the wires were to be just twisted together and not attached to the block on fernace!!! all is better now .. thanks anyway
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