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    2 New Turbo Torches for sale (2 Posts)

  • Kbwtheboss Kbwtheboss @ 12:26 AM
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    2 New Turbo Torches for sale

    I have a new LP 2  ON-LINE Price is $213.93 - $20.00 = $ 193.93 sell for $190.00 FREE Shipping & Handling, NO Taxes   This over 13 % lower than the lowest On-Line Price. X-3B ON-LINE Price is $220.28 - $20.00 = $ 200.28 sell for $ 200.00 FREE Shipping & Handling, NO Taxes

              Turbo Torches By Victor Brand NEW, Never Used, Never Opened

    Kit  X-3B Extreme Turbo Torch Swirl Kit for B Tank Air Acetylene
        G-4 Handle, Quick Release
        AR-B (CGA-520) Regulator     AH-12 Hose 12 Foot
        A-3 Tip    A-11 Tip    Soft Solders to 3"    Silver Brazes to 1 5/8"    B Tank Connection
        Instruction Manual 
    Kit LP-2 Pro Line Swirl Turbo Torch Map-Propane/LP Gas    RL-P Regulator CGA-510    H-4 Handle    H-12 Hose 12 Foot
        T-3 Tip    T-5 Tip     Soft Solders 6" with MAPP    Silver Brazes to 4" with MAPP    Instruction Manual
    These are NOT SELF LIGHTING Torches      PAYMENTS ONLY BY PAY PAL        NO RETURNS ALLOWED/ACCEPTED Requires a Tracking Number
     Signature and ID Required NO Post Office Boxes

  • erik345 erik345 @ 1:40 AM
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    Turbo Torches

    I like these turbo torches very much and prices of these torches are not so high also. There are many companies which manufacture high quality turbo torches but our company is the best in making it.

    acetylene torch
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