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    Tekmar269 - WWSD is stuck on !! - HELP (4 Posts)

  • Dave72589 Dave72589 @ 5:32 PM
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    Tekmar269 - WWSD is stuck on !! - HELP

    No matter what I try my WWSD light is stuck on. Any help or info is greatly appreciated.

  • Empire Empire @ 6:07 AM
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    You can go to and find the answer to your problem.  Here you can find literature/installation/service information.  Please note:  the #269 has been discontinued and now is the #279 Control.  Detailed info on both are available.  Sounds like a possible sensor fault...

    Mike T.
  • Jay Jay @ 10:38 PM
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    Warm weather shut down

    The WWSD is determined by the occupied dial position and the outdoor sensor temperature reading. If the outdoor sensor temperature measurement if above the occupied dial, then the WWSD light turns on. It's possible that the outdoor sensor is faulty and requires replacement.
  • zacmobile zacmobile @ 2:03 PM
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    old control

    I had a similar issue recently with an older tekmar control, a 354 mixing control was doing the same thing, I checked all the sensors (outdoor, supply & indoor RTU) the supply sensor was reading incorrectly and the outdoor one looked crusty & funky so I replaced them both but it didn't make any difference. So I replaced the RTU (an older 2K one no longer made) with just a regular hydronic thermostat giving the control a heat demand. It worked, the next step would have been to replace the control.
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