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    thankyou fan in a can..... (3 Posts)

  • jonny88 jonny88 @ 10:48 PM
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    thankyou fan in a can.....

    sprayfoamed insulated house as tight as tight can be,home owner disconnected carbon monoxide alarm as it annoyed him when it went off.sealed boiler room,200,000 btu boiler .fresh air was via a 10"x3" duct.i put a pieceof paper on boiler and it got blown back from chimney backdraft.our temporary solution was a 6" line from outside house into boiler room hooked up to fiel control cas-4 fan in a first time using it and am very impressed.
  • BillW BillW @ 10:17 PM
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    Those can be a big help!

    Outside combustion air is often needed, especially in the tight"energy efficient" homes.  People need fresh air, too, and Energy/heat recovery ventilators work for them.
  • RJ RJ @ 10:23 PM
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    good product

     have been using this fan on my commercial jobs for years   in some cases i have 2 . some basements just dont have enough space for gravity fed ducts for combustion/fresh air    Field controls also makes a good barometric damper
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