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    trane rover software (2 Posts)

  • zepfan zepfan @ 11:43 PM
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    trane rover software

    does any one know what version of trane's rover software is needed to configure a brand new zn511 board? i have version 6.0 and am not getting anywhere with it.i can connect to the board, but keep getting the message "rover does not have the proper plug in's to configure" i know the current version is 7,but was wondering if a service pack for version 6 is still available.thanks to all 
  • Empire Empire @ 6:18 AM
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    Hey Zepfan

    Since your board is new, you are entitled to or for automatic upgrades on all current trane software.  Contact your dealer and there should be no problem to access the add on you seek.  They are always reconfig. their software and updates are sometimes a pain.

    Mike T.
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