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  • Brrrmont Brrrmont @ 5:47 PM
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    Bang for the buck

    I find myself in the bad spot of replacing a boiler and the good spot of being able to use this opportunity to convert to a propane combi direct fired. I am seeing good info here and hove found a nicely priced Navien CH-240. My heating specialist is also offering me a Trinity at a good price. Does anyone have suggestions for a good bang for the buck system? I am not looking for top of the line but I want something that works well enough without giving problems.

    Thank you all.
  • kcopp kcopp @ 7:51 PM
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    I have used....

    a number of Smith gc160/ Embassy Onex combi boilers. Peerless has it rebadged as well as Slant/finn now. It is a Cosmo gas product.
     It is very compact,  gives 3 gpm hot water and lets you modulate the heat. Vents in PP and is concentric. the HX is Stainless.
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  • Jack Jack @ 10:14 AM
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    Well, your neighbors in NH

    In Brrrrmont you might want to look at the BrrRinnai E110C;)
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