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    Heat transfer fluid.... (2 Posts)

  • kcopp kcopp @ 7:39 PM
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    Heat transfer fluid....

    What is the compatibility of mixing the antifreeze/ HTF? I have a job where I need to replace the circulator and possibly add some HT fluid... I have no idea what is there in the system. I was going to get some tyfocor and add it to the mix but I want to be sure that there are no compatibility issues. ty,kcopp
  • Kevin_in_Denver Kevin_in_Denver @ 2:58 PM
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    Never heard of any problems

    Oftentimes you can get away with topping off with city water. Obviously be sure to check it before and after. While you're at it, also check the pH, which should be above 7. You can estimate the system volume to help decide how much water would be safe to add.

    Of course, if it has Bray Oil, you can't use glycol or water.
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