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  • Kbwtheboss Kbwtheboss @ 9:59 PM
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    New X3B Turbo Torch

    X-3B ON-LINE Price is $220.28 -    Selling  for $ 190.00 FREE Shipping & Handling, NO Taxes

              Turbo Torches By Victor Brand NEW, Never Used, Never Opened

    Kit  X-3B Extreme Turbo Torch Swirl Kit for B Tank Air Acetylene

        G-4 Handle, Quick Release

        AR-B (CGA-520) Regulator     AH-12 Hose 12 Foot

        A-3 Tip    A-11 Tip    Soft Solders to 3"    Silver Brazes to 1 5/8"    B Tank Connection

        Instruction Manual

    Lowest price you'll find anywhere.
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