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    will a 3500/4375 watt generator run this (4 Posts)

  • mangurian mangurian @ 11:53 AM
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    will a 3500/4375 watt generator run this

    I have a Carlin Elite EZ-1 burner for a hot water system.

    I would like to use a 3500 watt 4375 watt starting) generator to run this and the associated circulator motors and oil pump.  Will this do the job?

    I will ask an electrician to install a proper switch-over  at the burner.

  • Paul48 Paul48 @ 4:03 PM
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    simple boiler controls, it should work fine. It can be a problem with some of the advanced electronic controls, but that is plenty of power to run the boiler. I'd test it before having the electrician wire the transfer switch.Oops.....How many circulators?
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  • chapchap70 chapchap70 @ 8:21 PM
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    Unless there is something abnormal, it would

    A 20 Amp circuit would be 2400 watts maxed out.  Usually, a boiler/burner is on one circuit.  Circulators are usually less than 100 watts each.  The burner is about 6 amps or 720 watts.  I wouldn't run 2 freezers with the generator at the same time the burner is on but if you manage your appliances, it should work.
  • David427 David427 @ 12:30 PM
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    No problem

    I run my oil fired forced hot water system with two circulators with an 1800 watt generator no problem at all.
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