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    Introduction of a new user (3 Posts)

  • Holmes Holmes @ 12:00 AM
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    Introduction of a new user

    Warm wishes to everyone,

    My name is Steve Holmes, I am a newbie to this site. I want to learn about the topics of your site and also want to be a member of the discussion board. Hope for your support and cooperation in the website community.

    Thanks and Regards
    Steve Holmes
  • Empire Empire @ 8:00 AM
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    No need for the intro.

    Just jump in and speak your mind.  As you use this forum, you will become familiar with everyone and hey,....You might make a friend or two.  There are many talented and knowledgeable people here and we try to help whenever possible.


    Mike T.
  • Eugene Silberstein Eugene Silberstein @ 8:20 AM
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    Take your coat off and stay a while!
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