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    Solar thermal connection to Burnham V73 (3 Posts)

  • WildBlue WildBlue @ 11:47 AM
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    Solar thermal connection to Burnham V73

    Want to optimize solar thermal hot water with Burham oil-fired boiler; thoughts on where to connect; from thermal storage to boiler; from thermal collector to boiler to thermal storage...  I would like to use the boiler as backup for hydronic heating; using the solar hot water first domestic hot water and second for heating.  I'm thinking that if I could keep the water temperature in the hydronic system constant at say 100-120 F ambient would stay constant, boiler would be used less.  Any and all thoughts welcome please...
  • Charlie from wmass Charlie from wmass @ 3:29 PM
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    Use a buffer tank

    pipe the heat sources in and out through the buffer tank and apply proper controls.
    Cost is what you spend , value is what you get.

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  • hot rod hot rod @ 10:12 PM
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    a number of ways to do that

    do you make DHW with the boiler now? Unless you have a fairly large array, and some low temperature heat emitters, you may not get much solar contribution, to the heating system.
    You could run a solar simulation and determine how much collector area would provide how much energy in your location.

    But DHW pre-heat is a good year 'round use for solar.

    Here is a book full of piping options for solar combi systems.
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