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    Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort (15 Posts)

  • N/A @ 10:02 AM

    Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort

    Good Morning

    I am one of Dan's elves. Matt Sweeney (Mad Dog) is asking for donations for victims of the hurricane. He is working hard in Far Rockaway to help these unfortunate people. They are in desperate need of diapers and baby wipes. If anyone would like to help out, please call Matt at 516-322-2881. Thank you!
  • Jean-David Beyer Jean-David Beyer @ 11:14 AM
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    Other elves are working too.

    A friend of mine runs a vegan food truck. He normally does not go to Rockaway, but he is these days. He posted this Tuesday on his Facebook:

    We will be back in the Rockaways tomorrow serving free hot food, coffee, and the BOMB donuts!

    Location will be:
    192 Beach 96th Street, Rockaway Beach NY 11693

    Our relief work has been made possible by the funding of our generous
    snail fans! You too can donate to our relief efforts by PayPal to
  • MikeyB MikeyB @ 6:43 PM
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    Relief Effort

    I'm going to call Matt tomorrow morning, thanks Deb
  • Mad Dog Mad Dog @ 10:23 PM
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    Still waiting for some help........

    Thanks Mikey - appreciate it!  I know many on Long Island were affected deeply, however, most of us are "OK".......The Poor folks of The Rockaway Peninsula, specifically, the African American black folk in Far Rockaway are in an absolutely desperate straits:  STILL!!!! NO power, No heat, poorly-assembled and poorly-distributed food lines..looting, robbing...these people stand  OUTD0ORS in the COLD for 4-5 hours for the basics...its very bad and the only respite they are getting is that it is not yet FREEZING cold out.  The Federal and City Response is grossly, Individuals like us need to fill the void....I have been down there working around the clock, and although, I would like to relax with my family tommorow - I will make a personal trip down tommorow with the supplies I have gathered.  I am quite UNDERWHELMED with the lack of responsiveness from many I have reached out to....including some in my own family!  Once we get our won house in order, aren't we supposed to help our "neighbors?"  There are STILL!!!!!!  very few power company trucks down there and a token force of FEMA and National Guard...where are all the States that we have aided over the years?  I am truly sad and DISGUSTED with the CRISIS down there....Its not right, Man!  I know there are plenty of folks who live in the area that can help out here...will you help fellow "Long Islanders" in a true time of need?   Mad Dog
  • Mad Dog Mad Dog @ 10:33 PM
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    families are picking through bags of clothes

    strewn about the streets,,,just to find something to keep warm....its a pathetic scene!  I havent seen TV and I have heard its really not being covered and maybe that is why no one is noticing, but take my word for it.....these folks need help YESTERDAY!!!!!!!! Mad Dog
  • Mad Dog Mad Dog @ 10:35 PM
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    Thats great Jean.....someone really stepping up

    Big time!  I'll try to stop in and say hello if they are there tommorow.  MD
  • MikeyB MikeyB @ 11:27 PM
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    Relief Effort

    Hey Matt, My brother-in-laws family are in the Rockaways, and they need alot of help, my family has donated a ton of stuff and we continue to do what we can, l have gathered alot more clothes tonight from my house, sweatshirts/t-shirts, jeans, diapers, wipes, etc,  I know you are working your tail off, but if your around tomorrow I would like to get some stuff to you to drop off. If your busy i can always get it to my sister to get the donations to Rockaway. I'm in Massapequa Park. you can reach me at  (blackberry) , (H) 516-804-4828 (C) 917-886-1509. Thanks Mad Dog
  • Mad Dog Mad Dog @ 12:28 AM
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    Im gonna call u right now bro

    We're on it!!!!!!!  Mad Dog
  • Mad Dog Mad Dog @ 12:29 AM
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    Any Wallies in Long Island.....

    Please step up.  MD
  • MikeyB MikeyB @ 6:43 PM
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    Relief Effort

    Matt, great meeting you today, and thanks again for coming to my house to pick up the supplies. I'll email you my pump suppliers info tomorrow. I am talking to family and friends about what your doing for the Rockaways and ill keep you posted when I get more supplies. Thanks for all you do...
  • Mad Dog Mad Dog @ 9:56 PM
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    What an outstanding man, I met today!!!!!!!!!

    Mike Brennan of Massapequa has stepped in to the batters box and knocked it outta the park.  I shoulda brought a box truck for all the stuff he personally donated.  He easily had to spend $500 bucks and also donated other great stuff,  Thank you, Mike, you are a real mensch!   Mad Dog
  • Mad Dog Mad Dog @ 9:59 PM
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    Hurricane Fundraiser for Far Rockaway

    O'Dowds Pub in Stewart Manor, Long Island, is putting on a big fun raiser the night before Thanksgiving.  All Local wallies should come, I'll buy you a few beers.  Ron Jr, Robert O Brien, Dan, et al...can you make it?   Mad Dog
  • Steamhead Steamhead @ 10:10 PM
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    you know I'd come if we weren't so busy here........................
    "Reducing our country's energy consumption, one system at a time"

    Steam, Vapor & Hot-Water Heating Specialists

    Oil & Gas Burner Service

    Baltimore, MD (USA) and consulting anywhere.
  • Mad Dog Mad Dog @ 8:04 AM
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    Meeting great new American Patriots thru all of this

    Had the pleasure of meeting Steven Kay this morning.  Steven is an engineer that will be spend the next 4 days of the Thanksgiving weekend delivered supplies we have collected to the Hard-Hit Far Rockaway.  He'll be seeking out ANYONE who needs help with anything...mucking out a basement, putting in a boiler, serving hot food.  He gives me faith.   What I have seen through this disaster is that most people do very little but a few move mountains.  I have also witnessed first-hand the red tape and bureaucracy that gets in the way of getting help to the people.  I have also seen the power-hungry spotlight-grabbing that has reared its ugly head on all levels - even in my own town.  I also had a great man from Seattle offer to give me a credit card # over the phone for $500 for supplies.  I will tell u about him more later.   After the last three weeks working 18 hour days, we're goin' upstate for Thanksgiving and some much needed rest.  Thank you all God Bless and Have a great Thanksgiving.  Mad Dog
  • Mad Dog Mad Dog @ 8:05 AM
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    Special Thanks to mr Holohan and Johnny White , and Debbie the Elf

    for working behind the scenes.  Mad Dog
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