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    Taco Switching Relay (3 Posts)

  • MechTech MechTech @ 4:14 PM
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    Taco Switching Relay

    Can I apply 24VAC across the R & W terminals on the t-stat input connections as a demand?
  • Tim McElwain Tim McElwain @ 8:47 PM
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    No if you do you

    will burn out the transformer in the relay. The connections to R and W have to be dry contacts such as thermostat, aquastat, or end switch on a zone valve.
  • Empire Empire @ 7:37 AM
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    Dry contacts...

    Tim, I think he means to jump out the terminals.  No, do not apply 24 vac, yes jump out or dry contacts like in your t-stat.  Board provides it own power so do not ad any other t-former.


    Mike T.
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