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    Arco Gravity boiler (2 Posts)

  • steveo1 steveo1 @ 9:05 PM
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    Arco Gravity boiler

    1906 water boiler converted to natural gas.
    My client purchased this home under the assumption boiler worked.
    I found it has a water gauge on top left and a small possibly broken temprature gauge on top right.
    There is a floor standing expansion tank with no vents that I can find.
    The only control other than a heating thermostat and thermocouples on the gas valve.
    Shouldn't this have a Aquastat and low water cut off?
    What water pressure should we have.
  • kcopp kcopp @ 9:44 PM
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    More than likely...

    It is a gravity hot water boiler... Low water cutoffs and aquastats are a new invention compared to the age of the boiler. A stack switch was used to control the temperature. A new boiler is prob. the way to go.
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