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    Best steam boiler ? (2 Posts)

  • Heeltee Heeltee @ 10:31 PM
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    Best steam boiler ?

    could someone recommand one of the best, if not the best steam boiler on the market ?  from 150,000to 200,000,btu, thanks Pros & cons
  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 10:56 PM
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    Recipe for best boiler

    The best boiler is one which has been well installed by a competent steam pro. The pro will usually select the boiler from a local stocking distributor. He will determine the size from the combined total of radiation (EDR).
    Generally boiler problems result from bad installation trying to save money for either the installer, or the customer. Unfortunately any cost savings are quickly eaten up by inefficiency, and lost sleep due to water-hammer.
    You will want to discuss with the installer whether to have an atmospheric, or a power burner depending on how soundproof the boiler is.--NBC
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