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    Wirsbo leak- check your systems (4 Posts)

  • decoy86 decoy86 @ 2:11 AM
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    Wirsbo manifold leak- check your systems

    I just helped a neighbor the other day with his Radiant system. The in wall brass Wirsbo manifolds were leaking on the second story of his home. Was able to find some gaskets and replace them. The system is 13 years old. You can't take these systems for granted. You must look and inspect the in wall manifolds at least twice a year. Caught mine leaking last year but caught it early. The common parts to replace are:
    Basic End Cap Gasket (A2400032)
    or Basic End Cap (A2080032) comes with the End cap gasket
    Manifold Gasket (A2403232) 
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  • decoy86 decoy86 @ 11:01 AM
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    Here is a image of the leaks
  • Paul48 Paul48 @ 1:18 PM
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    Somethings Wrong

    Gaskets providing a seal between 2 mating surfaces should last indefinately.O-rings and seals for hydraulic cylinders usually last as long as that,sealing moving components under much greater pressure. I'd contact the manufacturer. They may have a better material available.
  • decoy86 decoy86 @ 3:19 PM
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    The gasket material from Uponor is: EPDM, Peroxide Cured, 80 Durometer. The new End Cap gasket seems for be a hair small. When it is installed into the cap, it moves around and is not exactly tight fit by no means. After many years of heat cycles I think the gasket shrinks and starts leaking. I did notice my Boiler max temp thermostat was set at 160 Degrees a few weeks ago. I have turned it to 140 degrees. Not sure if the extra 20 degrees temp was causing it to leak. I have thought of having a local seal company make me some gaskets that actually fit the parts.

    Here are the new and old gaskets.
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