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    Honeywell controller (2 Posts)

  • BigSissy BigSissy @ 9:44 AM
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    Honeywell controller

    I am looking for an solution to my heating issue. What I have is a old (50 yr. plus) Power Flame forced draft, nat. gas burner model no. FG-500D, that utilizes a Honeywell Flame
    Safeguard primary control no. RA890F 1346 that I feel isn't functioning properly. This burner has a standing
    pilot originally. What happens upon start-up is, load relay closes, blower fan comes on, then pilot or flame proved and then flame relay closes, and the main gas valve opens.
    It will stay firing and normal operation is observed for roughly 30 seconds, then the flame relay opens or breaks, and then all functions quit. I've checked line voltage and it ok. Is this a possible primary control replacement or just flame safety?The burner has a
    new pressure switch, the old one wasn't clicking in and out.
  • RJ RJ @ 8:48 PM
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    you need to check your flame current, you will need a meter that checks microamps, there is a jack on the ra890 to plug in your meter you need a min. of 1.5-2 microamps, if you dont read this than many possibilities   dirty or rusted  pilot assy. cracked flame rod porcelain, low gas press, cracked or warped burner plate. to be safe call in someone who is good with this type burner, Power flame has a good tech help line  also some supply houses can bench check your ra890
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