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    Buderus GB142 DHW not working (6 Posts)

  • fosterdl fosterdl @ 12:33 PM
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    Buderus GB142 DHW not working

    OK, this is a system that was installed in 2005. There are 5 zones all run by Argo switching unit plus there is a DHW circuit. It's been running fine till the propane supplier let them run out of fuel. The homeowner noticed what he thought was a pop when it tried to ignite while it was out of fuel. They called another technition and he determined that the plastic cover on the top of the boiler was jumping when it tried to fire. This happened even after the gas company filled the tanks. So his fix was to just take the cover off. I'm not sure what else he did, but I think he reset the incoming gas pressure to 11. However the next day the homeowner noticed that he had no DHW. That's where I come in. I tested for power to the circulator and found that it had none. then I replaced the DHW tank sensor thinking the old one may have gone bad. I still have nothing going on the DHW side. The heating circuit is working fine. I've tested the resistance on both the old and new sensors and the are virtually identical at room temp and when put in a glass of cold water. Also I checked the fuses and they are fine.
  • Zman Zman @ 12:49 PM
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    The pop is a bit scary. Has anyone inspected the exchanger and vent? Not a safe operating condition. What if the vent pops off the boiler?

    As for the DHW, there is a setting in the main menu just after the pump post purge. It starts with a "C" and can be changed from 1 to 0. I bet it got changed. There is a 120 page service manual on the buderus site that will show you how to check error codes. Not my favorite boiler!
  • Steve Steve @ 12:57 PM
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    Just curious

    Why do you say it is not your favorite boiler have you had problems or you just find them difficult to work on
    We have installed a few I have not had any problems But would love to hear opinions of others
    What do you prefer In a condensing boiler
  • fosterdl fosterdl @ 4:45 PM
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    "C" Code

    Yep, sure enough, the code was set to "0". Changed it back to "1" and all is well again. Thanks for that tip.
  • Zman Zman @ 1:30 PM
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    Firetube HX

    I prefer Triangle tube.
    Buderus exchangers can plug up to the point they look like they have been dipped in concrete.The sensors plug up. The control board and kim chips have a high failure rate.The aluminum exchanger needs special glycol.
    Most importantly the support is awful. Buderus will deny a problem exists rather than fix it.
  • Steve Steve @ 7:39 AM
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    Thank you

    For the advice, I must Admit I did find the support lacking, We have not used triangle tube yet but have heard some good things I Take it You are very happy with them
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