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    Geminox/Monitor FCX, Heatwise, Roth Tank (9 Posts)

  • David427 David427 @ 12:39 PM
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    Geminox/Monitor FCX, Heatwise, Roth Tank

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  • Robert O'Brien Robert O'Brien @ 5:43 PM
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    Is defunct. The pump is set to two pipe the same as any other. Try find a pro here
  • David427 David427 @ 6:15 PM
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    Getting piped

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  • icesailor icesailor @ 7:37 PM
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    I was going to respond but you seem to have all the answers and I guess in your eyes, I'm a hack too.
    Your fuel pump has the ability to be a one or two pipe system.
  • David427 David427 @ 8:12 PM
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  • chapchap70 chapchap70 @ 8:43 PM
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    @ David427 You might want to ask for clarification

    instead of accusing someone they have no idea what they are talking about.  You might look less silly.
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  • icesailor icesailor @ 7:24 AM
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    Being wrong:

    Another person maybe being wrong for the second time in their life.
    The first? The time they thought they were wrong. Come to find out that they were right.
    Jimmie Hilts
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  • David427 David427 @ 7:30 AM
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    What I posted was factual and correct. Clarification for what? And how exactly did I look 'silly'?

    It's was also a waste of time since I found all the information for myself, so I figured it was best to delete it. If you want I can repost my messages.

    HVAC isn't rocket science, you just have to know where you are in the learning curve. Of course there are a few home owners who don't have the skill set or common sense to attempt this type of work, sadly there are a few HVAC 'professionals' who also fall into this catagory. I was just trying to point out the irony - 'Ya know, Joey Homeowner really hacked up his system trying to put it in. Lucky I was there to save his a$$'. In this case it was the licensed HVAC guys doing the hacking and Joey Homeowner has to clean up their mess.

    The moral of the story for me is, don't try to hire contractors to do work unless 1) you know them or you are there to supervisor and/or check their work. The moral for the HVAC professional is, don't work on a system you aren't qualified to work on.
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  • chapchap70 chapchap70 @ 5:35 PM
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    Nobody said what you posted was incorrect.

    However, scolding someone and calling them a hack that has no business advising people based on one sentence looks silly when you didn't understand what he meant.  He never said your oil burner was two pipe; how would he know?  He certainly didn't mean to imply that all oil burners or all Heatwise burners are two pipe. 

    He simply stated in one sentence that in order to change your burner from a one pipe to a two pipe system, do the same thing as you would on any other burner/pump whether it be Beckett or Carlin or Heatwise burner with a Danfoss, Suntec, or Webster pump.  Even a Riello would be the same except with a metric allen key. (which comes with the burner)  There is nothing special in this regard because you have a Heatwise burner.

    If you didn't understand that, you could have been civil and asked for clarification but you went off.  People here don't get paid for their advice so take it for what it is.  If you don't find it satisfactory, don't lecture; move on.

    The pros on this site are well aware that there are hacks that somehow get paid for their "work".  If you stick around long enough, you will see some pictures of hack work.  The "hacks" you seek to lecture probably couldn't be bothered to frequent sites such as this anyway.
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