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    Baxi ht 380 (4 Posts)

  • Marleykid Marleykid @ 1:04 AM
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    Baxi ht 380

    Hi I am new here but have come often to learn. Having an issue maintaining a flame on baxi ht for dhw. With a tap open the unit struggles to reach 40c and the flame light flickers. Raised the output temp on a qaa73 remote but still same result. Am in hurricane sandy area trying to get people heat and need help thanks
  • icesailor icesailor @ 7:15 AM
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    Flickering Flame:

    Did you check the gas pressure going to the valve, before and during the fire? And after? How much pressure drop?
    Nat. Gas or LP?
  • Marleykid Marleykid @ 9:32 AM
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    baxi dhw issue

    natural gas. have not checked pressure, would that be done with a combustion analyzer? i know the gas is the issue, as the unit fires and goes off constantly on a dhw call. although for about an hour yesterday it did fire and maintain fine, then back to the same issue. i appreciate your time and knowledge in helping me.
  • Baxi

    We have problems with the Baxi 310 Fi combi's on a call for DHW.  There would be little or no flame and the diaphragm in the differential pressure assembly had a hole in it.

    I don't know if the the ht 380 still uses a differential pressure assembly.  Check with their rep.: at Marathon - (800)461-4657
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