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    Air Conditioning not working? (2 Posts)

  • Holmes Holmes @ 1:41 AM
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    Air Conditioning not working?

    Hello Friends,

    I had my Air conditioning re gassed less than 12 months ago and its
    now blowing warm air, is this right? How long should it last? Is there a
    fuse could I check?

    Steve Holmes
  • Empire Empire @ 7:09 AM
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    A Few Things...

    If the A/C needs additional charge every year, there is a leak somewhere in the system.  The out door condenser should be running when calling for A/C.  If not, check breaker.  Winter is here for most of us, so where do you live?  Since your A/C is a closed loop, it should never need to be charged.  Make sure the indoor blower is running and filter is clean.
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