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    Cooling Tower Specifications (3 Posts)

  • Potterish Potterish @ 4:02 AM
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    Cooling Tower Specifications

    Hello Everyone,

    Many types of machines and equipment generate a great deal of heat. To get rid of much of this heat, engineers often rely on cooling towers, which take cool water and air and remove heat from various sources. These towers are enormous and have various unique specifications depending on the environment that they will operate under and the extent to which the owners want to remain efficient and environmentally friendly.

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    Harry Potterish

    Evaporative Cooling Tower
  • Zman Zman @ 8:52 AM
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    How do cooling towers relate to DHW?
  • Gordan Gordan @ 8:27 AM
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    I think he's casting spells at us

    Extremispamus, to be specific.
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