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    Condensing furnace in attic (4 Posts)

  • TonyS TonyS @ 6:00 PM
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    Condensing furnace in attic

    Any ideas on piping arrangements or heat tapes on condensing furnaces in freezing attic space?
    Now that the 80s are gone, replacements will all be condensing.
  • Jim Godbout Jim Godbout @ 7:22 PM
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    We build a room around them and make sure installs are close to floor system
    Mostly use foam panels very frugal and effective way to protect in unconditioned space if we have to go that route
    Take care
    Jim Godbout
  • unclejohn unclejohn @ 9:45 PM
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    80's are gone?

    I'm putting a 80% in tomarrow.
  • jeremiah jeremiah @ 9:28 AM
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    condensing furnace

    your best bet is to use heat tape around the collector cup and around the condensate line also insulation like armaflex around the condensate line after the heat tape is on there. also make sure that the furnace is slightly pitched towards the drain outlets of the front of the furnace so that water cant pool up inside the secondary heat exchanger and freeze.
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