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  • bob1 bob1 @ 6:19 PM
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    I have a 1968 double burner gas central forced air furnace and one burner dose not ignite and the one that does cuts on and off . I replaced the basso switch on the second burner . still does not cut on with new basso and thermocouple I can ignite by crossing the two wire connectors but it will not remain on Any suggestions? ( thermostat is not defective but only one burner cuts on when I turn up the temp on thermostat)
  • Smith19 Smith19 @ 9:34 PM
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    Some photos would help. By burner do you mean burner tubes? The only warm air furnaces I know of that have only two burner tubes are new condensing units, nothing from the 60's. Perhaps you have two ROWS of burner tubes. That may require two gas valves, as you say you replaced one. If you could get some photos of the gas switch and the burners that would be very helpful.

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