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    Steam Boiler to Baseboard Heat (5 Posts)

  • Razza Razza @ 10:51 PM
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    Steam Boiler to Baseboard Heat

    I have a steam boiler and connected a hot water baseboard loop with a circulating pump to heat the basement. The problem is the circulating pump fails after a few months due to the high water temperature from the boiler. I've yet to find a mixing valve rated for water temps over 200 deg. What can I install to temper the boiler water temperature to 180deg for the baseboard?
  • Smith19 Smith19 @ 10:59 PM
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    Hydronic and steam?

    I have never heard of a steam system also acting as a hydronic (forced hot water) system. That should not be the case, And there should never be pumps in a steam system except for return water, but only occasionally and with commercial. Any photos perchance?


  • Steamhead Steamhead @ 11:21 PM
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    Actually, that can work well

    you need a properly-sized bypass to blend some returning water with that coming from the boiler. And, don't use a wet-rotor circulator- only a bronze 3-piece oil-lubed unit like a B&G 100AB or Taco 110B.

    Here's one of our jobs where we used a hot-water loop to run an indirect heater:
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  • Smith19 Smith19 @ 11:27 AM
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    bronze pumps

    Okay....Come to think of it Ive seen those bronze pumps for steam before.....
  • gennady gennady @ 6:11 PM
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    steam to hot water

    this is how we do it. you use either DHW coil or heat ex-changer and build hydronic circuit off steam boiler. Of course all elements of hydronic system must be implemented, On the photo left side represents it. We using VFD pump with outdoor reset valve as well. Picture is of the work not 100% completed, but operational. it serves part of the house 3 stories high, the rest is heated by 2 pipe steam system.
    Gennady Tsakh

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