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  • Smith19 Smith19 @ 11:33 PM
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    Something Spooky

    A departure from day-to-day HVAC and steam talk, but.....

    I have a question for some seasoned steam fitters or contractors out there. Any haunted boiler rooms?

    It's bizarre, but I was reading a thread about a mansion's boiler room and it reminded me of a mansion on Cape Cod where the mechanical contractors were installing two Lochinvar Knights during restoration after the house had 20+ years of abandonment. Staying late one night, they had discovered their things being moved all over. They searched for three+ hours after a box of three Grundfos pumps had disappeared, and they found them in the center of a crawl space. True story, I know the contractor who did the job. Any of you had any weird experiences on the job?

    Just a thought! haha!
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