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    Gas boiler cleaning (2 Posts)

  • Riwaterman Riwaterman @ 5:05 AM
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    Gas boiler cleaning


    I own a two family house with a separate gas boiler for each unit. Both units have a one-pipe steam heating system. One boiler is about five years old and the other about 10 years old.

    Some basic questions.

    How often should a gas boiler be cleaned?

    What should a normal cleaning consist of?

    How long should a cleaning take for one boiler?

    What is a typical cost for a cleaning? I am in New England.

  • j a j a @ 5:32 AM
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    Clean as often as manf says, usually once a year
    servicing the boiler consists following the manf checklist, and any general observations
    If boilers have not been serviced for five years there is no telling how long this may take
    Prices are not discussed here
    servicing the boiler and servicing the system it is attached to are independent of each other
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