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  • Roland Roland @ 11:44 AM
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    Tekmar 260

    Hi All,
    I want to install a Tekmar 260 control on my non-condensing boiler. I have one zone for heat and one for DHW. Each zone has a Taco 007 circulator.
    I want to be sure the relays internal to the 260 can handle the 007's in the long haul.
    The 260 specs are below:
    Tekmar 260 Specifications:
    Literature: D 260, A 260's, D 001, D 070
    Control: Microprocessor PID control; This is not a safety (limit) control
    Packaged Weight: 3.0 lb. (1340 g), Enclosure A, blue PVC plastic
    Dimensions: 6-5/8" H x 7-9/16" W x 2-13/16" D (170 x 193 x 72 mm)
    Approvals: CSA C US, meets ICES & FCC regulations for EMI/RFI
    Ambient Conditions: Indoor use only, 32 to 113+F (0 to 45+C), < 90% RH non-condensing
    Power Supply: 120 V +10% 50/60 Hz 1300 VA
    Relays: 240 V (ac) 10 A 1/3 hp, pilot duty 240 VA
    Demands: 20 to 260 V (ac) 2 VA
    Sensors Included: NTC thermistor, 10 k? @ 77+F (25+C +0.2+C) +=3892 Outdoor Sensor 070 and Universal Sensor 071
    Optional Devices: Tekmar type #: 031, 032, 076, 077
    The 260 I/O seems to indicate direct connection to the circs. I just want to be sure the internal relays are sturdy enough.

    Thanks, Roland............
  • Dave H Dave H @ 12:24 PM
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    007 Circs


    Yes, the 260 can handle switching on/off the Taco 007 circs.
    I do have a couple of quick questions though;
    Is this an existing boiler system and do you have a multipump switching relay like a SR-502 there?
    Are you looking to just add outdoor reset to your system?

    Main reason for the questions are if it is an existing system, there are other ways to add reset other than rewiring everything. If the SR-502 is an expandable (-EXP) control, you can add the PC-700 via the molex plug in the controller.
    If not an -EXP, you can use the new SR-501-OR FuelMizer and basically "interrupt" the endswitch going to the boiler
  • Roland Roland @ 1:09 PM
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    007 circs

    Thanks for the reply Dave.
    Right now, the boiler is controlled by an ARGO ARM-2P  with a Tekmar 256 added for outdoor reset.
    I want to install the '260 so I can clean up the present control system and take advantage of the additional features. Also, the Argo control has a quirk where it sometimes won't replenish the DHW.  The DHW priorty switch is activated on the ARM-2P and the warm weather shutdown is de-activated on the '256.
    Thanks, Roland...........
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