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  • stepup stepup @ 6:38 AM
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    Im having problen with a older G20 lennox, not all the burners are lighting, it has 6 burners but just the four like to light the other two only sometimes do, I tried a few things and still a problem, My Question is can i plug off the two ports hence remove the nozzles and put in pipe plugs, I know it will reduse the btu out put besides that would it cause any other problems ?
  • enviro127 enviro127 @ 8:05 AM
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    My recommendation would be to call a professional out to diagnose the actual problem and thoroughly evaluate the furnace condition.  I know that no one likes to be spending money, especially around the holidays, but spending a small bit of money now, may actually be saving you a lot of money, or possibly your life!!
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  • Paul S Paul S @ 11:12 PM
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    no do not plug the burners you will lose a substantial amount of btu's may be that the burners are dirty and its not lighting fully across due to dust and debris .....if you can take the burners out and give them a good cleaning then do it....or it may be a crack in your heat exchanger in that area which you would have to call a professional to let you know if thats your problem.....
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