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    NEST and Hot Water System (2 Posts)

  • DanielS DanielS @ 2:36 PM
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    NEST and Hot Water System

    HI- Is the NEST good in an old house with hot water circulating heat. Will it do a setback efficiently in the day when we are out and in the evening?

    Thanks for your help!
  • nicholas bonham-carter nicholas bonham-carter @ 4:26 PM
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    nest of questions

    do a search here for "setback", and you will see the jury is out on whether hydronic systems respond well to setbacks. a high mass system may use a lot of the fuel saved during setbackĀ to recover its normal temperature. obviously, for a long weekend, a lower setting will be economical.
    your present thermostat wiring may need re-working to give the nest its power. if you make hot water with the boiler, or may do so in the future, the nest is out of its range.
    one of the most esteemed pros here is a certified nest expert, and he will no doubt have something to add:
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