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  • freddrow2002 freddrow2002 @ 2:55 PM
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    triangle tube presitage excellents 110

    boiler installed about 5 years ago by company i work for. had to change actuator twice but been running fine. no complaints of noise until now.

    customer states unit very loud tenant states never hearing a noise.

    upon start up unit makes very loud suction type noise shakes the house. it has both intake and exhaust piped outside 3" pvc. was thinking blocked intake but makes noise with cover off sucking basement air as well.

    found noise coming form short intake tube off gas valve. removing this short intake tube cuts the noise down 95%

    anyone have this issue or fix this issue, right now the customer is running without that intake tube hooked to gas valve

    i remember having this noise years ago on a triangle tube delta. pulled intake air pipe at burner noise went away. the factory had a big parts changing kit to fix that.
  • Zman Zman @ 12:27 AM
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    Combustion analysis

    Have you checked the combustion?
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