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    TT Prestige 110 exhaust (2 Posts)

  • Adam Adam @ 5:45 PM
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    TT Prestige 110 exhaust

    I'm under the impression that you can run 2" exhaust and fresh air intake on the Prestige 110. I have a 24' horizontal run. Anyone done this? Any specifics I need to know?
  • SWEI SWEI @ 6:22 PM
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    2" venting

    3" is better if you have the space.  From

    2 Inch Vent Systems Restrictions for the PRESTIGE 60, 110 & Excellence.
    -    Derate the maximum boiler input by 3% when using the maximum equivalent length of 2 inch vent piping on Solo 110 & Excellence 110.
    -    The 2 inch vent system requires a 1 inch clearance to combustibles
    -    Use long sweep elbow to limit pressure drop and to avoid excessive vent temperatures.
    -    In 2 inch PVC vent applications, the first 7 equivalent feet of the vent system must utilize CPVC material.
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