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    recessed radiator on interior wall (5 Posts)

  • CapeCod CapeCod @ 9:01 PM
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    recessed radiator on interior wall

    I need to add a couple radiators in my kitchen and bathroom where floor space is critical.  I have panel radiators in the rest of the house that build out about 4 inches from the wall.  I'd like to install the same type of radiators in the kitchen and bathroom by framing out a niche into the wall.  I've read about recessed radiators being a bad idea on exterior walls because of decreased insulation but are there any concerns about recessing them into interior walls.  Any minimum distances to allow top, sides, etc.? Or probably the radiator manufacturer specifies that in their literature?  It would be completely open in the front so I assume there is no significant loss in efficiency? Thanks!
  • CapeCod CapeCod @ 9:08 PM
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    recessed rad pic

    just for clarification, this is what I am thinking
  • Paul48 Paul48 @ 9:18 PM
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    Staple-up radiant?
  • CapeCod CapeCod @ 10:00 PM
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    staple up

    thought about staple up but was concerned about expansion noises and also, due to a buildup of several layers of flooring over the years I think I would have to run at a pretty high temperature to get the right amount of output.
  • BobAls BobAls @ 1:35 PM
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    How about using Radiant Wall?

    I've used hydronic radiant walls as an option in the past.............has worked well and is an option to radiant floors in situations like Timberframe homes that have wood ceilings between first and second floor where you can't easily hide the tubing runs.
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