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    New propane boiler install calculations (5 Posts)

  • Fergus Fergus @ 3:22 PM
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    New propane boiler install calculations

    I need to install a propane hot water boiler in a 1.5 story, 2000 square foot, well insulated house. The basement is 25 X 40 with an 8 foot ceiling and the former boiler had a direct vent. Each installer I have spoken to, who also wants to sell me a furnace, has given me different specifications for both input and output BTU's, combustion air, direct vent, standing pilots vs electronic ignition. At this point, I do not know who or what to believe. Can someone assist with real world, understandable calculations for picking and installing a probane boiler?
  • Paul48 Paul48 @ 4:11 PM
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    Heat Loss

    It starts with a heat loss calculation, to know how much heat is needed for the structure. You can do it's a link to a free download of a heat loss calculator
  • Chris Chris @ 5:45 PM
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    Heat Loss

    Paul is correct. The proper way to size a boiler or furnace is to do a heat loss calculation of the home. A heat loss provides you with the btu/hr requirement needed to heat the home on the coldest day of the year in your climate.

    I'd stay away from any standing pilot boiler as they were discontinued in September of this year. They do not meet the new minimum efficiency requirements that went into effect in September.

    Depending on budget restraints I would be looking at a condensing boiler or furnace that is rated 90% efficient or better.
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  • kcopp kcopp @ 8:01 PM
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    have them...

    show you the numbers on the calculations...It should take into considerations for windows, climate and insulation.
     Where are you located? Maybe someone nearby from here can help.
  • Robert O'Brien Robert O'Brien @ 5:57 AM
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    is much more expensive on a BTU basis than NG. A mod/con will make it a viable proposition as well as always being the right size.
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