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    aftermath of clogged system (3 Posts)

  • smithwd smithwd @ 10:20 AM
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    aftermath of clogged system

    Boiler installed after new well installation.......lots of stuff in the 5 years later..
    boiler and system flushed but.......

    have Taco pumps .. water temp on pump is 146....inlet temp is 91...I also see high temps on some of the tees..4 zone system...91 in..91 out but middle of tee is 146.....

    using my infared temp guage  to see what's happening.....I also have temp gauge reading 140  when the output is 87  to the zone......

    also..on a tile floor within the same zone  what should be the max differantial  of floor temps?????

    My concern is that  maybe the system still has deposits left in it from the well...

    thanx for any advice......
  • Charlie from wmass Charlie from wmass @ 10:23 AM
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    are you putting

    black paint where you are measuring the temps? If not they may not be accurate. Try that first and see if the numbers change.
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  • Gordy Gordy @ 6:01 PM
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    On black paint, or masking tape on the pipe. Sounds like erroneous readings to me.

    Differential on tile floor should be 10* in a bath, or a kitchen, maybe 15 but delta ts are a guideline, and seldom end up that way. Usually much lower once mrts are are stable,
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