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    loud return duct (2 Posts)

  • Paul S Paul S @ 10:19 PM
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    loud return duct

    hey everyone i installed a new 100,000 btu 95% warm air furnace new duct work supply and return....everything operates fine, except for the return duct is very loud...furnace is in basement and return duct goes straight up 10 feet to first floor into a return is NOT a AIR FLOW ISSUE, temp rise is fine and if i take the blower door off to allow maxinum air to go through system i still have the noisy return. the noise just sounds like the blower wheel & motor there a way to reduce the noise with running the return duct a certain way or is there such thing as noise reduction ductwork for example if i get ductwork thats insulated inside it??? any help would be greatly appreciated   thanks   paul s
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  • VictoriaEnergy VictoriaEnergy @ 3:19 AM
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    Replace the return air drop with a larger one lined with accoustic insulation and isolate it from transfering vibration with a fabric duct connector.  It works great.
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