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    how bad is it really (3 Posts)

  • keyote keyote @ 6:48 PM
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    how bad is it really

    Trying to save a bit, doing a reno on my house copper water water system but closed radiant heat and also a pex the potable i need some temp heat and could save  if i used non oxygen barrier left off the sprinkler roll since as i bring each floor onto new system i only need the old boiler to last through this season and maybe one more will it rust that quick?
    alternatively i could do the sprinkler system in thermapex rather than aquapex but its not potable rated is it really much different i could use back flow preventive etc but defeats savings
  • Gordy Gordy @ 7:42 PM
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    Long term plans

    Always subject to change. I would play it safe if your going to use your present boiler for possibly 2 years, or more ya never know. May as well not bury it in oxygenated water along with  the other ferrous components in the system. Use the barrior pex.

    If its not rated for potable do not use it for potable, not sure how inspectors interpret a sprinkler system in your area. Lawn, or Fire?
  • keyote keyote @ 9:49 PM
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    thanks gordy 
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