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    Equalizer up-size OK? (3 Posts)

  • Timco Timco @ 11:50 AM
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    Equalizer up-size OK?

    So this Peerless 300k wants 1)3" or 2)2" supplies and a 3" header. No problem. My wet return is 1.5" and my return tapping is 2". I was planning on a 2" equalizer and return with the 1.5" tie in at loop connection. The chart says 1.5" equalizer for this beast. Is upsizing to a 2" equalizer a bad move in any way? I'm thinking 3" all the way.

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    No prob

    The bigger the equalizer the better. All of my equalizers are 2". Bigger equalizer will help stabilize water level and help keep water out of mains and radiators. GO for it!
  • 2" Equalizer

    I always use 2", I think Dan told us at a class that bigger was better.

    Thanks, Bob Gagnon
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