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    Any idea what this is? (4 Posts)

  • Any idea what this is?

    It's under the enclosure on a 1910 convector in the dining room.  The wires disappear through the floor into the sheetrocked ceiling below and there's nothing in the boiler room to indicate its presence.

    Some kind of temperature limiting device when the switch is in the "on" position?  When it reaches setpoint, it closes a valve?
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  • SWEI SWEI @ 4:21 PM
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    can you pull the silver cover?

    Looks almost like a buzzer, but I'd like to see what's actually under the lid.
  • icesailor icesailor @ 4:34 PM
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    It is?

    in the convector in the dining room? 1910 house? Gilded age?
    It looks like a bell/buzzer to call the help to bring the food or to clear the dishes. I see all kinds of these call devices in old cribs that I work in. Some have little flags that pop out of a wall.
    If I was there, I could probably find out what it is. I'm that way.
    I see alarm installers who run wires where no wire dared to go. But they went anyway. It's an art form.
  • Well then...............

    now I'm curious and will take on an icesailor sensibility to tear into it to discover its secrets.  If I can't figure it out, maybe I'll send you a plane ticket.
    Often wrong, never in doubt.
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