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    Taco X-pump block for sale (3 Posts)

  • Phil Phil @ 2:08 PM
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    Taco X-pump block for sale

    Hi all,

    I am selling a gently used (about 3 seasons) Taco X-pump block XPB1. Comes with Tekmar 510 thermostat, outdoor temp sensor, two temp sensors (for the nearby pipe), 0-100 PSI gauge, expansion tank, Spirovent, Watts 374a, and nearby connected copper (valves, etc.). It was used to run a radiant loop in a bathroom, and was all working perfectly, but has been replaced by a magnificent system designed by the folks at NRT as part of a larger renovation project.

    If there is no interest here, I'll put it all on eBay in a week or so. Located in central MA, but I can box it up and ship just about anywhere. More details and photos can be provided.

  • Kniggit Kniggit @ 11:06 PM
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    Price? Pics?

    Any idea what you were looking for as price goes? and some pictures to confirm you haven't driven over it would be handy.
  • Phil Phil @ 1:12 PM
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    I'll take some pics

    Okay, pictures will come soon.

    I'll throw in an asking price too.

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