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  • johnnyge johnnyge @ 4:24 PM
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    RUUD hvac

    I am getting estimates to replace the HVAC in my house. Most of the contractor are suggesting Carrier, brand that I hear before, and they try to push it better than trane. But for the first time I hear a brand RUDD. Does anyone know this brand? quality? access to parts? etc. Thanks you
  • Ross Ross @ 5:34 PM
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    RUUD Furnace

    The last two contractors I worked for before I started my new job were both RUUD
    dealers. So I've installed & serviced lots of RUUD furnaces. Very reliable unit. Period. I'm sure that there will be differences of opinion posted soon. As long as the installers follow the installation instructions, you should have no reasonable problems with your new furnace. Direct spark ignition set up is very reliable. Good luck with your new furnace, whatever you purchase.
  • John Mills John Mills @ 4:05 PM
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    Ruud is fine

    We've sold Rheem/Ruud for 25 years. Every brand has had a problem child. Ruud is as good as any IF installed and sized right. Getting that done is rather hard it seems these days. Personally I'd want a Rheem/Ruud over a Carrier. The current 80% models date back to 1992, and 90% models to 1993. Sis has one of the test furnaces that has been great. If you want high end, the have the modulating models with communicating controls too. 
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