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    Peerless WBV-03 Beckett NX (2 Posts)

  • upstateben upstateben @ 8:13 PM
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    Peerless WBV-03 Beckett NX

    Hello everyone. Im new to the fourm as a poster, but I read it often. My question is about my Peerless wbv-03. Its short cycling 3 mins max on a call for heat 5 mins or so for indirect call for heat. The unit has a beckett AFG with .75 80 b nozzle at 140 psi pump pressure. Quick online calculations state boiler is 3x to big for house (1100 sq ft). The beckett oem spec guide shows the nx burner with a .50 60 w nozzle (140 psi) the mbh output would then be closer to 2x oversized for house. My questions are with the new burner would the 65 mbh (ibr) output be large enough for my indirect (41 gal amtrol boilermate) and do you think i could significantly increase my run times on calls for heat, and finally would  the increase in effieciency with increased runs times quickly pay for the (wholesale) cost of the burner. Thanks for any ideas
  • chapchap70 chapchap70 @ 7:44 PM
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    More fuel savings with energy control than new burner.

    Lowering the boiler water temperature automatically would save more fuel than downfiring the burner.  Something like the Beckett Aquasmart probably is less expensive than a new burner.

    According to Peerless, the lowest firing rate can only be achieved with the Riello F3 burner.
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