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    Oil to Gas burners,De. (3 Posts)

  • dave72 dave72 @ 9:22 PM
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    Oil to Gas burners,De.

      I'm converting to gas, I've had two seperate contractors say that they want to install a Wayne burner. I've done some asking around and I've been told that this burner might not be the best one to get for steam. It was recomended to me to use a Beckett CG10,Midco RE6850,Power Flame C,or JRA series.
      It's a two year old Peerless Boiler.I'm trying to some more advice so I feel better about the investment.
  • MJ_in_centralPA MJ_in_centralPA @ 1:04 AM
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    Midco ec300

    I don't know about those other ones but I spent ~ $7000 on oil to heat my ~3500 sf house. Last year in 12/11 I emergently bought and installed (w the help of my father in law) a midco ec300 (~$1000 new) for my 25+y/o utica starfire oil boiler.
    I just calculated that I will spend ~ $2500 this year so it worked out for me.
  • dave72 dave72 @ 9:13 PM
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     My controctor got in touch with the Peerless people and he told me they are reconmending the Midco MBEC 300.
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