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    1st time! ouch! (3 Posts)

  • Techman Techman @ 4:28 PM
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    1st time! ouch!

    I was checking out a gas fired warm system for a new customer , so i tried to move a ceiling tile (2'x2') and I burnt my finger tips ( like 4 of em') . The ceiling tile is an electric infrared or radiant panel . That dam thing is HOT!!!!!! I have never run across one of these things, and it looks just like a regular 2x2 ceiling tile, same color and same texture as all of the other tiles
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  • unclejohn unclejohn @ 4:29 PM
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    There real handy

    No pun intended. I put two in my townhouse basement and they work great only I didn't have much luck with mine lasting all that long. The most I got out of them was 3 to 4 years.
  • hheaddon hheaddon @ 1:28 PM
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    not quick to warm up

    I have a 3 story bld that use's these only for the heat.The rtu is a 45 ton VAV system that towards the winter i have to dial back the amount of fresh air and raise the discharge temp up to 68 or the  bld will never warm up.When we sold them this new new unit I tried to talk the salesman into a heat pump unit or at least some gas heat in it for warm up,but who listens to the tech that services the bld.
    They constantly complain of high elec bills and cold drafty air.That and  a control system that is a time clock in the vav unit to start and stop,,merc bulb honeywell stats that are not locked up an the most beat up pinch boxes that have end switch's on the actuator that allow heat IF the actuator brings damper's back to minimum position. Hey at least it's work.
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